The first photo is a crop from the second photo (taken with a Fuji X-E3 with 27mm f2.8 lens). The dragonfly was sitting on the wooden board that holds the antibacterial gel to use in the cafe that is just to the right of the photo. I was actually looking at another dragonfly sitting on the bent head of a flower stem. Then I turned and this little guy was so close that I almost overlooked him.

He flew up and back down to his spot again, just like the one on the flower stem had done, and I started photographing him.

Then a young woman came up to sptritz her hands with the gel and she didn’t see the dragonfly until it took off. She apologised and I said no need, and then the little guy flew back and settled down. This time I got out my phone and took a photo and then a video.

iPhone Photo

And finally to the point of this post, which is the head and neck of the dragonfly. First, the neck is very thin. Compared to the ball of the head it is very thin, much more so that our necks compared to our heads.

And then there is the way the head moves, in little jerks this way and that. It is definitely not human. I know that sounds crazy because dragonflies are not human, but what I mean is that the movement is more like a zombie in an apocalypse film. See if you can see it in the video.

iPhone Video


  1. First thing I noticed is that lovely Oak rail he’s sitting on and has obviously been there quite a while (or often) judging by the tiny clumps of frass which are also sitting on the rail. Keep in mind that the dragonfly’s purpose for waiting there is to catch dinner, so those head movements are very likely mirroring the actions of possible prey? Amazing isn’t it, just how much detail there is in the iPhone photography?❤️

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    1. Well observed. As you might have guessed, this was in the Botanic Garden.


  2. Love its head movements.
    Well captured.
    Amazing creature!


    1. Thanks – like a little robot, eh?

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