What A Commotion

The adult swan harassed this poor juvenile up and down the river. It pecked it and bit it and drove it under water. And it would not let go. We on the bank called to it to distract it; a young boy threw bread to attract its attention, and nothing worked.

How was it going to end? And then it was over and the youngster seemed none the worse for its experience. But why oh why was it heading back into trouble!

The photo of above is a crop of this photo – and as you can see, the other juveniles were looking on intently. Were they siblings or was the youngster an intruder?


  1. Tamara says:

    Poor kid! I wish I had been there with my Shreddies that we often take to feed them, I bet that would have diverted the adult even quicker than the little boy’s bread.

    I wonder if the adult was going after the cygnet because the kid was invading foreign territory. Maybe the cygnet was a lost orphan?


    1. I guess if one had time and patience to watch the river for hours and days, one might be able to work out what was happening.


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