Rowland Morgan

The Guardian (an English newspaper) has a section where people can contribute an obituary for a deceased person they knew. Usually it is a partner, brother, sister, etc. The person being remembered will have had some quality that brought them to the public eye.

One from Gerald Morgan the brother of Rowland Morgan caught my wife’s eye. Rowland Morgan was a journalist who had a column named Digitations in the Guardian in the 1990s where he wrote about ‘facts’. For example:

British Telecom’s scrap tyres each year would form a column 44 times the height of the London BT Tower.

Henry VIII had an average of five enemies a day executed.

That second fact definitely caught my attention. Henry reigned for 36 years, so that’s 5x365x36 = 65,700, give or take.

I wasn’t taught that at school.

Digitations was made into a book, so I ordered a copy. Perhaps there is more background to the ‘interesting’ fact about Henry VIII.

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