Calla Lilies By The Lake

Calla lilies growing by a lake in Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Calla lilies growing by a lake in Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Balanced on a stone, looking down across the small lake, I took this shot with some exposure compensation so that the white of the lilies wouldn’t blow out. Balancing is never the best way to get a sharp photo, but the X-T2 18-55 lens has image stabilisation, and it worked well enough this time. The composition ‘spoke’ to me – they often do not. So I’m pleased with the way this came out,


  1. Wow, lucky you to have the climate to grow both Iris’ and Calla Lilies in a permanent bed! While Iris are fine left all year, we need to take up the Callas for winter and replant each spring (same as for Dahlia and Gladiola)


    1. Yes, is not blessed with the sunniest weather, but taking it all together there is lots to like – very little humidity, frequent ‘alpine’ feeling freshness in the air, and enough rain to grow things well. About dahlias, we too have to lift them except when they are in the sunniest, sheltered spots. I don’t know about gladioli, but I think not from memories of my mother and gardening.

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