Willow Tree by the River Cam

willow tree by the river cam near grantchester

Willow tree by the river Cam near Grantchester. I photographed this tree before with a ‘proper’ camera. I made this shot with an iPhone 8.


  1. How interesting David! Is it just me, or has a goodly percentage of that tree gone missing?

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    1. Yes, it has. The willows are mostly all mature and losing bits.


      1. Often seen them here keep on growing into the most bizarre shapes after being knocked down by wind, or split by lightning… Of course this one here, being so near the water, it would’ve been removed out of necessity


        1. I used to live very near a river and the soil was black. I went onto the Common and collected young shoots that had sprung up from a fallen Willow and planted them in the ground and they just took off like rockets, making new trees.

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        2. lol, that’s because Willow (Salix) bark contains salicin – the root of acetalsalicylic acid/ aspirin – and which is also a natural rooting hormone; )
          A Massive amount of information about Willows here: https://deepgreenpermaculture.com/diy-instructions/home-made-plant-rooting-hormone-willow-water/


        3. Thank you for information. I know willows contain salicylic acid (aspirin) but I didn’t know about Indolebutyric acid. And it’s really interesting to know. Also, because although it is a long time since I put a twig in rooting powder, I would rather use willow water than a proprietary hormone.

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        4. Me too (as thrifty that I am; ) that and working with Nature simply works better!

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