Preserving The Facade

facade of a newly demolished building fronted by the architect's impression of what the new development with look like

It’s quite possible that the City planners required the builder to preserve the windows of the now demolished building. I am sure that the cost of working around the architectural feature is more than starting from scratch with a blank sheet.

You see a lot of this in London. A building is gutted and all that is left is the facade that faces the street. A couple of years later, when the project is complete, you see the ‘original’ building preserved, or apparently so.


  1. Tamara says:

    An interesting photo and observation, David. And lord knows how much the London skies are always full of building material and machinery, which I always note — and lament in part as well, since I think it does too often scar the skyline.

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    1. They are building higher and taller and bigger and better – and now they are empty for fear of the pandemic.


      1. Tamara Colloff-Bennett says:

        Yes, I had thought of that very sad reality (for the construction trade, that is) now…


        1. Hmm, well they’ll need to fill them up again to pay their freight… Perhaps now there’ll be more housing available?


        2. Turning offices in the UK into apartments has been suggested. Meanwhile there is a move out of cities because of the fear of COVID or the next pandemic, so there may not be anyone who actually wants to go live in the offices. A perfect storm of unwanted space built at enormous expense.


        3. They’re saying – now that COVID’s finally been acknowledged as having aerosol spread – that superior air circulation and filtration in buildings have now become imperative. (An idea whose time is far overdue, if you ask me:/)


        4. I was thinking that it will bring about all kinds of architectural changes – no more narrow alleyways or low ceilings in buildings – there has to be enough room to freshen the air

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  2. Joan E. Miller says:

    I love that. Notable buildings, or their features, should be preserved!

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      1. Too bad they were allowed to fall into disrepair in the first place – An ounce of Prevention’s worth a pound of Cure, as GranMa liked to say

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