Weeping Willow Skirts

See weeping willow in some areas in Cambridge and you might ask yourself whether animals or Council workmen have trimmed them.

But here in this next photo – in a field grazed by cows, miles from the city centre – it surely has to be cows, don’t you think?


  1. Joan E. Miller says:

    This is such a funny view. I think maybe whoever maintains the area trimmed up the trees for people! Or maybe to make it easier to cut the grass around the trees. I don’t know whether cows like to eat tress.


    1. Yes, I had to look it up , but cows do eat willow leaves. Apparently the leaves are even fed as fodder to livestock. I don’t know what the quantity of salicylic acid acid is or whether cows could overdose.


  2. Tamara says:

    Oh, as I say every time that we see the weeping willow trees when we walk — I do NOT think it’s the cows’ munching which results in them shaping those ‘skirts’ that the weeping willow trees have! It looks way too perfect, I think only a human being could come up with that. I think an animal would be far more ‘laissez faire,’. However, interesting that cows do eat willow trees.

    More importantly, whatever the case – the trees are beautiful, so romantic looking. Simply gorgeous!


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