They walked on, unaware of the tree dancing to the rhythm of the drama unfolding in the sky above.

7 thoughts on “Drama

  1. Is this a Willow David? (Judging by its twisted trunk, silvery leaves and proximity to the water… ; ) When I was a child, there was an old Weeping Willow in a relative’s yard, whose branches were kept very carefully trimmed to within a few inches of the ground… It was a wonderful place in which to play hide-and-seek: )


    1. Yes, a willow. Then you would love it here because we have lots of weeping willows. They are often trimmed at about chest height – by cows or humans. Tamara says it is obvious from the exactitude of the trim that it is done by humans but I have seen cows with measuring tapes, so I am not so sure…

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        1. Oh yes! White Cedar is used here for fence posts, the curved branches for ‘primitive’ furniture-making, the chips for (small) animal bedding and, to me, its scent is like no other… ♥️. The tender, first-year foliage also makes a wonderfully soothing, fragrant tea for coughs.♥️♥️

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