Drumstick Primula and Cherry Tree

A closeup of the drumstick primula, Primula denticulata. When I saw it today in the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge, I assumed it was a variety bred by horticulturalists. But no, it is a wild flower from the Himalayas. The denticulata part of the name comes from the small toothed edges of the leaves.

Cherry Tree

It was overcast today when I photographed this cherry tree in the Botanic Gardens.

The first two photographs here are from this year. Below them is the same tree when I photographed it almost to the day four years ago. That was when household bubbles, social distancing and masks were not thought of.

I realise that it may look as though there are just as many people in the photos from this year as from four years ago. What you do not see from a static photo is the way the little groups distance themselves from other groups.

I have found some benefits in lockdown, but one thing I do envy is the carefree way we could stand without checking that we are not too near to others. Don’t they look like days of innocence?

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