Flowers in the Grass

I photographed these in the Botanic Gardens here in Cambridge, and I think they are primroses and not oxlips or cowslips. They are tricky to tell one from the other. I am pretty sure they are not cowslips because cowslips are deeper yellow.

Look at the flower at lower left (the one that is partly behind a blade of grass) and you will see that the flower is on a stalk, which you can’t see from the flowers that were the focus of my attention.

Technical: Photographed handheld with a Fuji X100s at a shutter speed of 1/55 of a second at f5.6 and ISO 400 with exposure compensation of minus one-third of a stop.

I shot with exposure compensation so as not to blow out the pale flowers and still they were overexposed. I processed the photo in Adobe Photoshop and pulled back the highlights to show detail in the petals. Now when I look at the photo I see the droplets of water on the flowers, which I didn’t see when I took the shot.

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  1. Joan E. Miller says:

    Yep, primroses!

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