Postcards – Please help us plan.

We are in the middle of deciding whether to market sets of postcards. We are thinking of five postcards to a set. Here are just two of the cards, to give you a flavour. Obviously, they would not be in the same set. There would be sets of flowers, sets of animals, etc.

As a very lame joke, if we put the Guinea Pig in the same set as the flowers, the Guinea Pig might eat the anemones and then we would only have stalks…

The postcards would be the ‘normal’ 6x4inch (15x10cm) size, printed on heavyweight card so that they feel as classy as they look. And the backs of the postcards would be a typical postcard layout.

I put the first fifteen postcards in a gallery on Flying Twigs, and you can see them by following this link to The Postcards

The link will open in a new tab.

The fifteen designs we have come up with is not a huge number, and before we get deeper into this, feedback will help us plan and we would be very grateful for any input, positive, negative, or anywhere in between.

Could you take a look and then let me/us know what you think of the designs?

Please add a comment here below on this site – Photographworks – (not on Flying Twigs because there is no comment area there.)


  1. susurrus says:

    I like all the images. I could imagine the animal ones selling well. My only issue was that some of the botanical ones seem more suited to a portrait format rather than a landscape (rose, sweet peas, anemones etc). Good luck!

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    1. Oh, what a good observation. Thank you!


    2. Yes, seconding that; )

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  2. 5-6 to a set is a good idea. Cute pictures
    People have rediscovered the fun of sending and receiving cards in the mail since COVID
    Hold back some of your designs – you can use them later for “new” – and send emails to customers to check out the new offerings?

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  3. Covid has increased people’s use of actual mail, so good timing on this David! The Botanicals are lovely (very nostalgic and feel particularly suited to this use: )
    Perhaps try both aspects before making a decision on layout/ also use your space as part of the frame (an animal appears to be peeking into our space/out of the photograph (hard explain, hope that made a sliver of sense:/)

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    1. Thank you. Say more about the animal peeking out – do you mean we should add a little animal? What would it add? Possibly a sense of intimacy – a tiny mouse, that kind of feeling – is that what you mean?

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      1. Sure that could definitely work! Would give a sense of “Hi there! Just checking in to see how you’re doing…” Setting the scene (lol) for the actual message, yes? You could have a(or even several) series of photos that emote… great beauty, a sense of calm, missing you, etc.

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        1. And it would add continuity to the set. Thumbs up!

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        2. I have ‘postcards’ that I intend to frame as a mini gallery (someday; ) They’re also particularly suited where you’ve a desk facing a blank wall; especially in these days of ‘working from home’ and ‘sheltering in place’, when you’d rather be anywhere other than where you are… :/


        3. And just the thing for small wall areas – like in hallways, above light switches. Small, modest pieces.

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        4. Yes, exactly! (A good range of prices for one’s work is usually required to be accepted into pottery and ‘craft’ shows to appeal to the broadest range of attendees: )

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        5. Oh wait – speaking of ‘being anywhere else’ – your architecture photos would be grand for this. (Get completely swept away by your cathedral ceilings, personally; )


        6. When this pandemic is over I hope to go to Ely to photograph (properly) the lantern in the cathedral. This was a shot with my phone, and it was nearly four years ago. Where does the time go???

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        7. Sorry David, but you’ve got me off and running on this assignment, lol! Great idea, hope you two have lots of fun setting this up♥️

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