Do You Want To Play With A Self-Hosted WordPress Web Site?

Do you want to play with a self-hosted WordPress web site but don’t know how to set it up? Well TasteWP are offering something interesting.

You choose a user name and click a couple of buttons and two seconds later (actually a lot, lot quicker than that) you have a new web site.

You can add plugins, mess around with any themes you get from the WordPress dot Org repository, and generally have fun exploring it knowing it is going to expire in a couple of days. Then you can start another one.

I came across TasteWP in a tweet from Ross Wintle, who is a WordPress and Laravel developer.

TasteWP website landing page


Meanwhile, I photographed the moon through the trees tonight


  1. JenT says:

    I’ve got that bookmarked for later. Thanks!

    Love the lighting in this shot. What is the tree being lit by? (Looks chilly!)

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    1. Thanks. It was chilly. I am not sure but it was probably about -2°C. The trees are lit by lights from houses. To my naked eye the trees were completely in shadow, and the light on them in the photo surprised me.

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