Wanna Landing Page Real Quick?

Landing Page for Extratwigs.com

Product Hunt relies on its contributors and makers to keep it up to date with what new in tech. Just a couple of days ago it featured several website applications and I took a look at Dorik.

Its core feature is that you can make a landing page with it. I gave the free version of Dorik a whirl (why do I keep writing DORK?) and made a landing page.

With the free version that landing page is hosted on a sub-domain of Dorik rather than on a domain I could choose.

If you want to go for the paid service ($36/year or $60/year for even more options) then you can connect it to your own domain(s) and if you want you can include a contact form and a subscription form. The paid version is also hosted on Dorik and comes with a free SSL/TLS certificate.

So it is very handy for spinning up a landing page to get the word out about something or other.

You may ask why I am mentioning Dorik at all? After all, WordPress can do all this.

Well, it’s because Dorik is a no-code landing page builder. I mean – no code at all – just move stuff around on the page and take advantage of the in-built design elements.

Dorik isn’t the only builder app in the Product Hunt limelight. I could list more of them, but go take a look at them on the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Awards. I’d recommend being quick if you are interested because I don’t know how long that particular Product Hunt page will remain up.

By the way, have you noticed how these kind of graphics are everywhere now? This example is one of Mike Oliver’s designs in the Generate Press site library.

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