Natural vs Darker: Photoshop

With layers in Photoshop one can make changes so that the image does not reflect reality.

Out walking a day or two ago we passed this alleyway. I photographed it for the shapes and then looked at it on my computer just now. The patch of blue was still a patch of blue (cue prisoners looking out from their cell windows), but the wall at the top nearest the camera implied that there was sky directly above.

So I darkened the wall to see what it would look like. I isolated the light area above the arch nearest the camera and copied it and then set the new layer to ‘Multiply’. That preserved the detail in the wall and darkened it. It duplicated that layer, which was automatically set to ‘Multiply’ and so it darkened the area still more. One more duplicated layer and it was dark enough.

Except there was a lot of aqua in the layer because the wall was not white. Ot perhaps it picked up reflected light from the sky. However it was, I went back to the beginning and this time I desaturated the colour in the arch before making the new layers.

street scene showing a patch of blue sky above enclosed arches and walls in Cambridge
near wall darkened to illustrate Photoshop capabilities to set mood is a street scene showing a patch of blue sky above enclosed arches and walls in Cambridge


  1. I really love those arches. Looks like either very early morning or late, late afternoon.

    You’re working in the Block Editor, yes? If so, check out the Image Compare block. 🙂


    1. Hey, thank you for that. I did it and put the comparison below the other two photos. 🙂

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      1. The dark wall so very much changes the mood of the photo. Quite chilling, actually.

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        1. You are right – most effective with the slider. The mood fits in that I am sure that lockdown and covid was in my mind – we all being prisoners, longing for our patch of blue sky.

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        2. Yet another good reason to live in the country…


  2. writemeow says:

    Excellent editing!

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