I Designed A ‘Save Water’ Poster

Cambridge Water sent their bill and asked people to design a poster illustrating the need to save water. The company is pledging its part to repair pipes etc.

So I made this.

If you know the work of Saul Bass, who made film posters in a style all his own, then you will see the homage to his style in this poster.


  1. Joan E. Miller says:

    I think this is very good! Bold, eye catching and simple enough. Bravo!


    1. Thank you, Joan 🙂


  2. Lovely poster! But, fifteen liters a day!? What’s the daily average where you are? Yikes!


    1. Good question! I just googled for how much water does the average person use when they take a shower, and it’s 60 litres. Miss one shower and save the planet! Ever since we were in India, my wife turns the shower off while she lathers her hair, and saves water, and I definitely spend less time in the shower because there’s a voice in my head reminding me to think of the environment. On the plus side, it rains a lot here in the UK 😊


    2. And thank you about the poster!

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    3. Thinking about this a bit more. What is the average consumption where you are? I just looked up the figures from Cambrdige Water, which says the average household uses 143 litres of water per day. I don’t know how to judge. What is the amount used in a toilet flush? Kettle fillings? Cooking? Washing hands and face?


      1. I’ve been looking, but the consumption numbers are all over the place. Looking at our last water bill, we personally use about a third of the monthly average, which is 17 cubic meters a month in our area. By law we have dual flush toilets. And the biggest issue is loss of water due to leaks!


        1. With apologies to my maths if I get this wrong… 17cubic metres per month = 566 litres per day. That’s a lot of water, Good that you use one third of that, which is 188 lites per day – so we are about this same 🙂

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