If Only I Could Think Of A Product

It’s driving me nuts. Well, not nuts exactly, but I keep thinking of it. What is a product that I can sell, that has a market, that is easy to scale, that is easy and cheap to ship, and which I would feel pleased to market?

I am due to be having a postponed conversation with someone I met who coaches on approaching problems by looking at them from an un-possible perspective.

The way it works is that you define what you think is the problem and then you reverse it. So for the thing I talked about above, you would reverse it and say ‘something that is not easy to scale’ – and then look at what the options are for a product that satisfies that criterion. So for example – paintings. If I painted a picture, the market would be limited by how many paintings I could paint. Of course, that presupposes I could paint and paint something that would have a market, but you get the idea.

So, I am due to have this conversation – it’s a two-way street conversation because I will, or may, come up with some ideas for what he is developing.

So why am I entertaining you, dear reader, with this meandering thought? It’s because of an email from WordPress that I received today. It started by saying:

“Earn Money on Your WordPress.com Website with Premium Content and Paid Newsletters.
Make money while you build an engaged following for your website: use the WordPress.com Premium Content block to offer monthly and yearly paid memberships that give your followers access to the premium content you designate for a predictable income stream.

To use Premium Content blocks, you’ll need a WordPress.com website with any paid plan — Personal, Premium, Business, or eCommerce.”

And I am thinking, yes of course. Not.

Perhaps you are in a similar position and have the desire to market a product to validate your self image. If so, you are doubly welcome to join the conversation. It will be on Zoom or maybe Google Meet on Tuesday the 30th in the afternoon, UK time.

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