Month: May 2020

Breathing Through COVID-19

I am writing to share my changes and give information about some breathing classes I have been attending via Zoom. I am pretty sure I have had COVID-19. I had a very tight chest, lungs unable to fill, and some other symptoms. This happened quite a while ago, before lockdown, and I recovered on my own and did not go to hospital. The other small symptoms came in mid April. Because the lung problem happened so early in this pandemic, I didn’t take in the seriousness of my symptoms. I simply recognised that I was going through it and went with the flow. Like most people, I guess, I have had chest infections before. But in the day or two when the symptoms were at their worst I knew absolutely that this was not the same. My lungs felt in my mind’s eye like the shape of a funnel, and I was unable to take breath into the lower part. That lasted a few days and then I was OK. But although I recovered, my …

Elephant Walking Off

I photographed the elephant in South Africa when Tamara and I went last September. I have photos of the elephant close up eating bushes. When it had finished eating, it walked past us and went off. And it’s quite a thought that apart from the risk of poaching, it has nothing to worry about. It has everything it needs and the world is its oyster. I am trying an overlay of blue sky and clouds in Photoshop, and somehow the elephant stands out OK. What do you think? Does it appeal to you?