Through The Fence

On our walks allowed under the lockdown strictures, we sometimes pass the grounds of one of the Cambridge University colleges. The grounds adjoin a road, and then as one walks into the parkland, the grounds back onto what is effectively a moat. The moat divides the grounds from the public parkland.

When we first moved here I thought the water might be a branch of the river Cam, but the river is about three hundred metres further north.

The water here is just a ribbon that goes from point A to point B, and at the moment it is covered in fine green algae. I’ll photograph it at some point.

This scene however, is looking through the fence by the road. Can you see the bluebells just within the frame at the bottom? And a horse chestnut tree dominating the scene.

The thing is that I shot this with my phone (and iPhone 8) and I think that’s a done a pretty good job.

32 thoughts on “Through The Fence

  1. Blast! Prematurely hit send:/
    Pod walls are thickly covered in fibre and contain very thin (and also furry) flat seeds that quietly float away when pods dry out – but only when warm breezes finally arrive… It took me YEARS to discover this phenomenon and only serendipity allowed that I actually noticed them floating away… : )


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