Woodpecker In Town

It’s sunny today. We live just a few hundred yards from the middle of town and yet there’s a Green in front of the house, which is lovely.

Given Corona lockdown, I went out to stand in the Green and look at the trees. It’s funny how isolation makes one see things anew, so I spent a bit of time looking at the trees and the houses, noticing things. Then I heard a repeated drumming sound. A woodpecker. In the middle of town. So I went walking towards the sound, and when I got near the trees where I thought it was, I saw a woman with a bicycle and she was looking into one particular tree.

I asked (from a social distance of several metres) whether she could see the bird. Yes, she said, and pointed out where it was. Then it flew to another tree and we agreed it was a spotted woodpecker. It was quite high up but we thought it was a lesser spotted woodpecker.

I said that I wondered whether it was in town because it was quiet or that we heard it because it was quiet. She said she thought the same. I said I had heard it from way over there (pointing from where I had come) and she said she had heard it from way over there, in the footpath that leads into town. We were smiling like crazy, happy at this truly lovely thing that was drumming in the tree.

I have the Golf Sight app on my phone. I use it to calculate distances. It knows where you are standing and you point it wherever and then tap. It said I was 162 yards from where I was standing when I first heard the woodpecker.

This is the tree where the woodpecker was drumming. It’s the one in the middle with the thicker base.

When I walked back I heard the woodpecker over to my right. I could have gone looking, but that was so good that it was enough.


  1. Tamara says:

    Lucky you, David! Wow, that’s a heck of a long way to hear its call. Lovely photo of the green.

    I think I have told you that growing up as a kid, I remember so distinctly the “local” woodpecker who’d return every spring. He/She especially liked the telephone pole across the street from us, as I recall. Well, that doesn’t make sense, it was probably a tree near by that he/she lived in.

    In any event, we heard major “building” every spring. Wonderful!!

    I hope you hear more. All the critters must be so happy that not as many humans are about now 🙂


    1. I hope ‘we’ hear more. 🙂


    2. No Tamara, that actually makes perfect sense about the telephone pole in your memory; as Male woodpeckers will bang away on whatever’s going to send their signal the farthest to attract a mate. (Rather like adolescent males who drive about with the windows down and the bass cranked up, yeah?; )

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  2. Geri Lawhon says:

    Sometimes there are some benefits even when it does not seem so. To be able to hear sounds that you normally would not be able to hear because of the silence is wonderful. Thanks for the posting.


    1. Yes, in the middle of difficulties, something to appreciate. I was grateful for it.

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