1. Ha, LOL! Sad but true:/


    1. How are you doing?


      1. We are trying to get ready David. Just keep moving, one step, one day at a time… But really, how does one prepare for the unthinkable, the unimaginable?
        And you? How are things in Cambridgeshire?


        1. Quiet. We have some Common land near us, so provided it’s quiet we can go for a walk. Other than that we are battle commanders, planning a campaign, thinking ahead to the next time we need to shop for food.

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        2. Cambridgeshire itself is one of the less ‘hit’ parts of the country. I think the Health Service in London may not be able to cope.


        3. Aye, it’s keeping the numbers down enough to be able to cope that they’re trying to do, isn’t it? Honestly, because this thing is so new, and the only things they know is what’s been gleaned so far… So many questions, so much to learn! Keeping up one’s chin while trying to prepare for the worst but hoping for the best. Sadly, it’s fear of the unknown is what’s driving the panic and it would be nice to have some answers.


        4. That have been some unintended consequences in planning for flattening the curve, slowing the spread of infection so that the health services can cope. In London they cut the number of trains running on the Underground in order to reduce the numbers travelling. The effect has been to crowd people onto those fewer trains, with worse consequences.

          Only essential workers should be travelling, and it may be that the calculation of how many essential workers there are, was underestimated. Or it could be that people who are not essential workers are travelling. Or it could be that people don’t know whether they fall into the class of essential workers.

          Or it could be that a lot of people didn’t hear the message, or need to hear it several times before it sinks in.

          I had a vision of people having a badge ‘Essential Worker’ that would be needed to activate the barrier at Underground stations – and a dystopian vision of life with people in grey uniforms.

          I think the balance between freedom and regimentation will be tested well into the future.

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        5. *sigh* What a mess!


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