Hedonist Font

Hedonist font is available at a very reasonable price from Myfonts.com. I like the way it behaves: Capital letters are wide, whereas lower case letters are narrow.

This is The Hedonist font. Capital Letters Are Wide
Whereas Lower Case Letters Are Narrow.


  1. Brings to mind the Charleston, beaded fringes, King Tut’s Tomb (and Downton Abbey; )


    1. Interesting. I thought of Art Deco typefaces.


      1. All right alongside, non? ; )


        1. I was thinking it might be good for portmanteau words or brand names.

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        2. Humpty Dumpty’s perfect explanation: “You see it’s like a portmanteau—there are two meanings packed up into one word” retains both the original ‘suitcase’ and the mash-up: )

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        3. I love what the great Ronnie Barker (Biritish comedian) said: “The remarkable thing about a double meaning is that there is only one meaning.”

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        4. Lol, as a opposed to a double-entendre 😉


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