Do Not Adjust Your Set

TV set with distorted test card

Made in Photoshop

Image made in Photoshop. Because I upgraded to OS Catalina, and it does not support 32bit files, I am now using the subscription model of Photoshop. A pretty seamless transition, and Photoshop is nice to work with, as is Lightroom.

I have Affinity Photo, but I am not that impressed with it: It is not a Photoshop replacement and it doesn’t handle text very well. I will plug away at it when I have time to see what I may be doing wrong or missing.

I also have Capture One Pro 20 and that is a superb RAW converter.

6 thoughts on “Do Not Adjust Your Set

  1. I upgraded to Catalina when it was released. Cancelled my PhotoShop subscription a while back because I didn’t use it enough to justify the cost. If I get back into photo again I might reactivate it. That RAW converter sounds interesting …


    • I thought you meant Affinity Photo as a Raw converter, and not Capture One (which is hugely more expensive) but then I re-read my post and I see that you must be talking about Capture One.

      So – apologies for not being clear – Affinity Photo, too, is a RAW converter.

      Just for info, Affinity also make a desktop publishing application, and a vector design application.


  2. Yes. When I get back into photography, I’ll check these out more thoroughly. Just dragged out the Nikon and shot a .RAW picture. It was easy to export it as .JPEG in the native Photos app so for now … I’ll do nothing.


  3. Capture One is great but the Adobe Camera RAW + Photo Mechanic workflow is ingrained in my psyche now and every time I try one of the other options I just go back to it. Affinity is clunky, Lightroom only really works properly for individual photographers and so my workflow only changes with upgrades of the two key bits of software.


    • My organisation is just my hard drive split into folders. Sometimes I can’t locate things, but mostly I can. Capture One is for RAF files because nothing else can touch it. Everything else goes through Photoshop. Capture One has its own logic for folders, as you will know, and I am not fond of the duplication. The number of times I have looked at Photo Mechanic and thought about using it.


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