Themes For WP.Com

While looking at a site on I noticed something.

The VARIA theme is the basis for a number of child themes made by the WordPress team.

If you perhaps want to use one of the child themes on a self-hosted site, then you can download it from but you also need to download the Varia theme (and activate that first) before you try to activate the child theme.

Here is the list of child themes that spin off of Varia

  • Alves
  • Balasana
  • Barnsbury
  • Brompton
  • Coutoire
  • Dalston
  • Exford
  • Hever
  • Leven
  • Mayland
  • Maywood
  • Morden
  • Redhill
  • Rivington
  • Rockfield
  • Shawburn
  • Stow
  • Stratford

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