White Dead-nettle

white dead-nettle flower

White dead-nettle (Lamium album) has hairy, toothed leaves like all nettles I know of. It doesn’t sting, unlike other nettles.

The dead-nettle leaves in the photo are the small ones around the flower. The big leaves in the photo are from a different plant.

If you were to carefully pull off one of the white flowers and suck gently on the tubular opening at the base of the flower, you’ll enjoy a puff of a sweet aromatic taste.


  1. Wow David, White Dead-Nettle is not only tasty, but good for so many things! Oh, and I think the “other plant” might be Comfrey? Also a very old Herbal… 😉

    More on Lamium album


    1. I am not sure about the comfrey leaves. They are a bit big and broad compared to the ones I used to grow in my vegetable garden to use as a compost activator. That was years ago when I was a member of the Henry Doubleday Research Association (named after a 19th Century Quaker smallholder who brought comfrey to Britain). I just googled it and it is now called Garden Organic.

      But there are varieties of comfrey, so it could be. I will look out for it when it flowers next year, and report back!

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  2. lol, if it weren’t already well after dark, I’d go and snip off a piece of Yellow Archangel to compare with the Comfrey growing beside the Glaze Shed… (I’ll try to remember to do that tomorrow)


    1. Sorry David, totally forgot… And, as of Wednesday overnight into Thursday, everything’s been covered in several cm’s of snow! (Far, FAR too soon for this:/)


      1. NORMAL Daily temps for this time of year are +8>-1°C…
        Twas -6° at 0:4:15 this morning! Currently 0° w/ windchill of -13°C


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