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Age Cannot Wither Her

Open chrysanthemum flower with bud next to it

Snapping photos with my compact camera as I walked along the street, I came upon this chrysanthemum. It and its neighbour were the only flowers in a scrappy flower bed, hard up against the wall of a building, a little golden beauty.

I saw the raggedy edges of the outer petals with the flower past its prime. And I thought how lovely the flower was, raggedy edges or not.

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety

Said by Enobarbus about Cleopatra and her infinitely interesting character and moods, in Shakespeare’s Antony And Cleopatra Act 2, scene 2

And here is the neighbouring flower:

chrysanthemum flower



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  1. With a goodly amount of the centre petals remaining yet to unfold, I’d hazard a guess that she’s suffering more from neglect or abuse, rather than age… With SUCH a fabulous range and depth of brilliant colour she is truly an incredible beauty. Perhaps the damage she’s suffering is a result of the over-hanging rose we can see in the immediate background?


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