1. Ooh, I recognise the subject of that 1st shot! That’s one of those MONSTEROUS Amazonian Water Lilies…

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    1. *MONSTROUS* ; )
      Or maybe both? lol


    2. Yes, there were four or five of them floating on the water in one of the glasshouses at the Botanic Garden. I wonder exactly why they have spikes on the undersides, and in pathways rather than all over? I imagined a creature of some kind that wants to climb aboard, and is prevented by the spikes.

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      1. Yes. Birds Only Please!
        And the spikes appear to be growing on the vein system?

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        1. I just. Read that the Giant Water Lily adapts to the environment by growing thorns on the bottom of the leaves to protect itself from fish that might want to eat it, and that the flowers turn from white to pinky-purple when the flower is pollinated. Who knew? I thought the colours were just varieties on a theme.

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