Moody Cows Preset

I was looking at this photo in Lightroom and clicked on one of the few presets I have. This is a freebie I got years ago from Flixelpix. The preset is designed for Fuji cameras, but it works so I guess it is brand agnostic.

I tweaked the image a bit afterwards by brightening up the moody cows, but it definitely changes the look of the image from the original.

Moody cows – get it?

The thing is that it goes against what I was saying on a photography forum just today – that Fuji cameras produce images that are romantic and that Nikon cameras (I took this with a Nikon D500) are more plain-Jane realistic.

This Flixelpix preset proves the error of my statement.


  1. I thought I knew and understood English!! Way to go, I guess.


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