Nikon D500 On Test

man on bicycle navigating his way around a cow on Midsummer Common in Cambridge

Tamara and I have a trip planned where we hope to photograph some animals. According to the reviews, the Nikon D500 has ‘an uncanny ability to track moving subjects’. Not only that but it can track moving subjects that are obscured by other objects and then reappear. Clever stuff.

So I have to get some practise time in to see whether it works and how I can work with it.

Cows and cyclists are the nearest I can get to ‘field work’, and here are a couple of many shots – all bang on target and in focus. These cyclists are navigating cows that are straddling the path on Midsummer Common here in Cambridge.

Woman on bicycle navigating her way around a cow on Midsummer Common in Cambridge


I didn’t notice the flies until I put this photo into Lightroom. How does it manage not to go crazy when constantly assailed by flies?

head and shoulders of a brown cow with flies buzzing around its head.
cow grazing by a footpath

12 thoughts on “Nikon D500 On Test

  1. Interesting that we never noticed all those flies swarming around the cows’ faces — poor kids!!

    Photography so elevates scenes: The impression I have from seeing the cyclists here in photos is almost more “permanent” on my brain than during our walks when we see the scene for real.

    How crazy is that??!!


    1. Good question: I always assumed the goo just oozed out come what may. Maybe it’s a diversionary tactic cows use to encourage the flies to lay eggs there where they will be washed away


        1. Ah, yes. I never watched it. I do know the actor though because he was the hero in a series set in the Channel Islands, but that was a long time ago.

          By the way, Midsummer Common is a proper ‘Common’ in the legal sense – with rights for people to graze cattle and other rights deriving from ‘time immemorial’.

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