1. Tamara says:

    Very atmospheric, David: And to think that’s here in “little, ole” Cambridge! 🤠

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  2. Joan E. Miller says:

    Very lovely, David! The boat colors are exquisite, and the chaps in hats really make it. I would go back day after day to get more of them, if possible.

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    1. Tamara Colloff-Bennett says:

      Joan, this is an unusual site. Granted, there is punting and punts always in that area – but the contents of these punts and the way the men are dressed is definitely not the norm. When I looked at it, I did not even guess that it was Cambridge, that’s how unusual it was to see. The punts are a business here, and normally the customers are your normal tourist fare, or young kids checking out the university, or university students themselves. David captured something decidedly different here on this particular day.


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