Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut tree


    1. Big, eh! No, I don’t know, but Cambridge University planted (and continues to plant) interesting trees within the grounds of the various Colleges. My guess is they probably planted this tree and others down by the river where I took this shot. In the park near us, for example, there is a Caucasian Wingnut, a couple of Ginko biloba trees, and others – and I am pretty sure the University planted those.


      1. A “Caucasian Wingnut”? Omg, sorry David, but ROFL! That particular expression is so descriptive that certain people jumped immediately to mind (and perhaps infamous enough, even to yours?) Is this familiar phraseology or is the expression “wingnut” even used in GB?
        Cauacasian Wingnut is aka Pterocarya fraxinifolia


        1. We don’t use wingnut as a personality description (which is what I guess you mean) – and to be boringly normal – the sepals, or perhaps the seeds (not sure what they are, but I have seen them) are like little translucent wingnuts stuck on the twigs.

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        1. Yes, very special. The two Ginko trees in the park are a few yards from one another. The leaves on one are slightly larger, paler green, and they seem to droop more in dry weather. I look at them and wonder – Are they different varieties, something else?

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