18 thoughts on “Shoeing Shire Horses On The Wimpole Estate

        1. Yes, Tamara was speaking to one of the riders. She told her about the Ergot and the Chestnut, and how horses effectively stand on one middle toe.


        2. Apparently, the ergot is the toe on the outside of the ‘foot’ and the chestnut is the toe on the inside of the ‘foot’ (or the other way around) and one can see vestiges of both if one feels beneath the long hair on the leg.

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    1. What you can see behind the farrier are the stables for the shire horses. The farrier comes to re-shoe the horses every six to eight weeks. He had a van with him (I should have photographed it) that’s just outside the frame, and he had a furnace in there where he heated the irons with gas from a portable calor gas cylinder. He had an anvil for shaping the shoes and he did it all as we watched.

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        1. I had no idea they were in such high demand, but from talking to the farrier and the staff at the Estate who ride the horses (actually it was Tamara who did most of the enquiring) there are a lot of farriers in the UK and the training takes five years.

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