Young Giraffe

I’ve been thinking about a longer lens for wildlife photography for a trip we’ve got planned.

And partly, I have realised, I have been thinking about a longer lens for photographing wildlife here at home.

I have started looking at trees and flowers again. I got out my guidebooks and bought a couple more.

I have told myself I like street photography. But I have had a few opportunities recently and it didn’t grab me. Of course, it depends on my idea of what makes a photograph.

I went out with some friends at the weekend, and the brief for the day was to photograph people. I photographed a couple of the people I was walking around with, but the other possibilities didn’t excite me.

This pigeon was nice to photograph.

About long lenses

I have been watching YouTube videos. While watching a video about a camera and lens combination, the reviewer mentioned that he didn’t like the Adobe Standard camera calibration in Lightroom. He preferred Camera Neutral.

I have been saying to myself for a long time that I didn’t like the intensity of the images from Nikon files in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. The dark parts of the image are too blocked up and strong and the colour is a bit too yellow. I thought it was a fault of Nikon files… Well, that’s what I thought.

Naturally, I was interested to test Camera Neutral, so I dug out an image from 2011 taken with my Nikon D7000, and the difference was so startling I nearly cried out.

Oh nirvana.

Not a wonderful shot, a young giraffe. But natural looking colours. And no blocked up dark parts.


  1. I remember many hours spent crammed with my siblings in the back seat of a hot car near a waterhole while my Dad waited for the perfect shot. Of course he took MANY shots, because it wasn’t until we were back home and he could retreat to his darkroom that he knew what he had … Although, also of course, not too many, because film was expensive. Sometimes it’s good to stop and consider how privileged we are now, with technology! Although at the moment I mainly feel privileged to have those memories. The smell of the African bush … Sometimes it’s hard to breathe, I miss it so much.


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I had completely forgotten how privileged we are now. Instead it is hard to stop chasing perfection and accept that most camera systems nowadays are sufficiently good.

      That image of you drinking in the African bush – I feel for your feeling.

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