Beneath The Something Tree

Yesterday a problem cropped up with posting to this site.

I reported it and a Happiness Engineer worked through it and I thought it had resolved itself.

It’s a problem that happened months ago and then disappeared.

My browser of choice is Safari, and it’s possible that there is a glitch between Safari and WordPress.

The problem resurfaced again today.

What is happening now is that I wrote a draft of this post, clicked ‘Save Draft’ and then clicked to Preview it.

The Preview page should end in /?p=11177&preview=true but it only showed the /?p=11177 part, and there was a message on the page that read “Oops! That page can’t be found. It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try another search term?

Well that is a bug, because I hadn’t searched for anything.

I refreshed the page and the draft post showed correctly and the URI was

The other thing that happened was that the title of the post disappeared in the Preview as though I had never written it and it is missing from the draft. I had to go back in and write the title again.

Preview showing missing title

So I added the title again and now the title is showing in the Preview.

Preview showing the title back again.

And now the title has gone again.

By the way, the tree is in the Botanic Garden in Cambridge and there is a couple lying under the tree, hence the title.

Update, later in the afternoon 25 April.

I got a little bit of clarity today talking to the Happiness Engineer. She asked: Are you opening the preview in a new tab? The preview should open in the current open window.

I replied that I don’t tell it to open in a new tab. It opens in a new tab of its own accord.

She said when she clicks Preview in Safari, it opens in a popup/overlay/modal in the same window. Then she asked whether I was working in WP Admin, which I am, to which she said Ah, OK. Different story then.

So now we know that maybe this behaviour only happens for people working in WP Admin. Or maybe not.

It’s not the end of the world. It’s bothersome when I can’t remember the title I wrote. And I wonder whether the post is going to publish without a title. Apart from that, I reported it because it’s happening, but I can work around it.

I don’t think it is a Safari problem per se, because I don’t get this problem with drafting, previewing, and updating on my self-hosted WordPress sites running Gutenberg.

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