Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air, and the light is getting interesting as the late afternoons draw in.

It is not hard in Cambridge to find a scene that could be from another time. The bulbs in the streetlights are electric, but from here they could be gas.

I shot this with my phone and I can see the limitations – but then, should I be looking that hard that I miss the other qualities in the image?

If it isn’t obvious, I am thinking about getting another camera – a smaller carry-around camera than I have currently.

My carry-around camera is on the limit of ‘carry around’ and it has a fixed 35mm lens. That said, I would be lucky to find something that has its capability (see the photo at the end of this) in a small camera.

Or should upgrade my phone?

Or just make the image a bit lighter before uploading it?

The problem with the Internet (yet another problem with the Internet) is the access to forums where people discuss cameras, including cameras in phones. I know, it is my fault for looking.

If you are interested, take a look at The Online Photographer. They are currently discussing whether phones are ‘good enough’ now.

This is a view this afternoon of Kings College from the river at the ‘Backs’, as the river side of the colleges is called. The sky is another sign of spring, I guess.

And here is the shot from my current carry-around camera that I meant when I said it would be hard to beat it for what it can pull out of a scene.

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