Month: February 2019

X Reasons To Consider A Business Plan on has come a long way since its early days of offering a simple way to get into blogging without having to worry about how to set up a self-hosted WordPress site. I know some people use as a stepping stone to a self-hosted site. I did. I wanted to host my own site because I wanted to be free of restrictions. What that meant in those days (this is back in 2007) is that I could put Google Adsense adverts on my blog. And I was attracted to the idea of getting to grips with how to do it at all – how to set up a database, how to set up the config file, and all the other bits that go to making a web site. It was nerve-wracking at first. I was afraid that everything I did would break the site and leave me lost in a maze. It didn’t happen, but what I did get into were the twin notions of ‘optimisation’ and ‘security’. Optimisation includes using keywords that accurately …

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel under the Thames

Tamara and I were in London yesterday. We happened to see this small building, which is the entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. The tunnel goes under the Thames, 15 metres below the river. It runs from Greenwich on the south side to Tower Hamlets on the north side and was opened in 1902 with lifts installed in two years later. New lifts were installed when the tunnel was renovated in 2012. There’s a plaque that you can see lower left of the photo, the details the history of the tunnel. It’s odd, really. We go under the river by tube (London Underground) and don’t think about it for a moment. But the idea of walking under the river – that’s a different feeling.