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I just read an article on Simplenote about writing posts for WordPress.

Simplenote is a note-taking app made by Automattic, which is the company that owns the community version of WordPress.

The article says that if I write in Simplenote using Markdown to format the post, then I can paste the text into WordPress and it will preserve all the formatting and just ‘work’.

So that is what I am doing here.

I am pretty sure I wrote about Simplenote at some time in the past, and I’ll add a note about that below this sentence when I get to it and before I paste into WordPress.

I did write about Simplenote

Yes, I did – in 2013 where I also described how to use Markdown to format text.

But I am also writing about historic newspapers

Today has been an historic day for the British Parliament, according to just about every news outlet you read or listen to.

The Government lost the vote on its key proposal for how the UK is to leave the European Union.

It lost by such a huge margin that commentators are referring back to a vote in 1924 for a comparison.

But what does it mean? What is the next stage?

Is Brexit dead or will there be some wrangling in the corridors that will get it back on course?

We wait with a sense of hope and dread. (In case you don’t know where I stand on this, I want Britain to stay in the EU.)

Today’s newspapers might be historic.

They might be historic in more ways than one. Read on…

Guardian newspaper showing MPs in the voting corridor

Look at the cover of the Guardian. It shows the MPs filing down the corridor to register their NO vote.

No one photographs down there. No press photographers photograph down there.

But MPs themselves broke with tradition last night and photographed themselves in the corridor.

The Speaker Of The House

A couple of days ago the speaker of the House allowed an amendment to a motion. He broke with tradition in doing that. His justification was that the House (the House Of Commons) is paramount, and no executive branch (the Government and the Cabinet) has the power over it or to stop it.

The courts are bound by previous decisions. That is why they go to extraordinary lengths sometimes to distinguish one case from another when they want wiggle room to decide differently than they did before.

It is also why the courts make decisions by inches. They make pronouncements of principle as tightly drawn as possible to give them room to wiggle later on.

Parliament is different.

When the Speaker of the House broke with tradition about amendments, he was reestablishing a basic principle, that the House will not fetter itself.

What that means is that if the House votes for X at a certain point in time, it is always free to vote against X later. It will not be bound by its previous decisions.

That principle might be very important in the days to come.


  1. reb says:

    Strange times we live in right now. I wonder how it goes …

    I kind of like SimpleNote. That’s one of the few I’ve kept all these years …


    1. Yes, interesting times… We’ll find out a bit more with tonight’s vote of no confidence put by the Labour Party. I don’t expect that will go through because more people hate the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn (who will not back a second referendum) than hate Theresa May’s policies. So my guess is that it will drag on for a few more days.

      I deleted SimpleNote for ages and then reinstalled it a couple of months ago. I am using iAWriter for long-term organised notes, Byword for things that I want to keep but can’t really categorise, and now SimpleNote for odd bits.

      Syncing with the Mac is such a blessing, no?


  2. reb says:

    Yes, and now we know she made it.

    I used to use DayOne for _everything_. I liked that and have NO idea why I stopped.

    The whole, Apple ecosystem is a blessing LOL and so is their support. I have an ongoing issue, I did a rough calculation I have talked with the same guy for _at least_ fifteen hours, all in all. He sort of made my Christmas Eve pass a lot faster than it would’ve otherwise. It’s a long story, and they’ve even sent me a gift!


    1. Yes, 325 to 306 Theresa May made it – by 19 votes. I wonder who didn’t vote? I think there are 650 MPs, so that leaves 19 MPs who didn’t vote. They could have changed history.

      I had Day One Classic and just a week ago I downloaded the new Day One to record work accomplishments – a diary of what we have done, because I find it easy to forget we have done anything 🙂

      I upgraded to sync to two machines plus phone for a one-time payment – and now I can sync work notes. I feel better for noting down little wins.

      Wondering what your Mac issue was? Email me if you don’t want to advertise it over the blogosphere. 🙂


      1. reb says:

        I’ll do that.

        And I’m going to fire up DayOne 2 (!) again 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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