Flying Twigs Advertisement

I thought I would show the advertisement we put together for a trade magazine, that will appear beginning with the January issue.

“Get your cards delivered to your door. For good products at good prices with speedy delivery, choose gorgeous, high-quality greeting cards with top-notch printing.

With more than 350 cards, you’re sure to find the cards you’re looking for.

Pricing is simple. The cards are £2.75 each, and shipping within the UK is 65p per order with FREE postage when you buy four or more cards.

We are based in the UK, so for details of the countries to which we ship and shipping costs to those countries, please see the FAQs.

Pricing and shipping for posters depends on the size chosen. Check the individual product pages for details.

Ordering is easy and secure. Look for the padlock next to the web address. That tells you everything is encrypted. Plus, we use industry-leading Stripe online payments for secure checkout.

We have all our cards printed in the UK on top-quality, environmentally-friendly card stock with a smudge-free writing surface.

The envelopes are plain white, and they too are easy to write on (because don’t you hate it when the cards or the envelopes are shiny and you can’t write on them!). Score one for Flying Twigs!


  1. dapplegrey says:

    Lovely ad with stunningly eye-catching picture. Does this give me the opportunity to ask what has always intrigued me – the story behind the name Flying Twigs?

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    1. Glad you like the ad! We had another name and we found out it clashed with another business. We had this domain that we didn’t have any particular use for (I think we dreamed it up around the time of The House Of Flying Daggers) – and Flying Twigs was born.


      1. dapplegrey says:

        It did make me think of Flying Daggers, and then Twigs is such a soft alternative, so benign (although not at high speed though a wood-chipper). I’ve always liked the name.

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        1. Haha for the wood chipper. The name doesn’t lend itself to a logo, at least in my mind. I keep seeing bits of lines, but can’t grasp what a logo might look like – not that it ‘has’ to have twigs in it.


        2. dapplegrey says:

          I agree, I can’t see a good visual motif. I think it’s the idea that counts!

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