Combined Image and Text in Gutenbe

Reb (of WriteMeow) –  this is my experiment in combining an image and text in a block in Gutenberg.

Now that I have tried it, I am less confident that Gutenberg is ready for prime time. Read on…

How I combined an image and text

I don’t know whether this is the ‘right’ way, but it seems to work.To combine an image and text in Gutenberg, start out with two separate blocks, one being the text and the other being the image.

Have the image block below the text block. Resize the image if it is a full size image, resize it with the little grab handles until it is somewhere around the finished size you want. Then – importantly – click to align it left or right.

Then click the arrow outside the block to move the image up. You would think that it would jump above the text block but in fact they combine.

Here is another combined block.

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As you can see, I made two image-plus-text-combined blocks. After I made them I tried to move one combined block above or below the other.

Instead of moving as a whole, the text moved and left the image behind.

When I added a sub-heading, that moved into the combined block and then with one more move, it shifted above the block.

The unpredictability of the behaviour doesn’t make for a reassuring experience. Maybe I need more practise, but it’s a bit unsettling when bits of what you are working on move where you don’t expect.

Inline Elements

I just saw that if you are within a text block (cursor is within the block) then a new section named ‘Inline Elements’ block appears in the list of blocks and in that section there is just one element named ‘Inline Image’.

I tried adding that but it wrecks the layout of the text, appearing in the middle of a string of works. It’s very odd. Maybe there is a technique to it that I haven’t discovered.

Maybe it is the theme. Wonder how you will get on with the Sapor theme that you are using.

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