11 thoughts on “Disgutenberged

  1. They probably have a lot of wrinkles to iron out 🙂

    I need to try it more, in my Publisher theme, before I make up my mind.

    In this theme; the little graphic/separator underneath the blog title interferes with the words … at least on my screen.

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    • Not sure what you are seeing. On Independent Publisher I can’t see a separator?
      Have you left feedback?

      JenT recommended that I go to the Support forum for the Rosalie theme that I am using on Photographworks.me. Did that and waiting to hear back.
      I googled for how to make a theme Gutenberg ready and it doesn’t look too complicated for a theme developer to do, haha.

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  2. Lol, to “disgutenberg” is my new favourite word! So far, I’ve only had trouble with Gutenberg, it’s half-baked. I always ended up in HTML, editing things with code anyway. I don’t think it’s intended to be used by people who know some code and have an accurate idea of what they want to achieve. Oh and in case you wonder, I don’t have Gutenberg available on my WP-hosted blog, I experiment with it on self-hosted sites for work.

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