A Sense Of Place

The man on the statue is Kaiser Franz I and the statue is in a square by the In Der Burg street that leads off the Michaelaplatz in Vienna.

We were walking back to our hotel from the Historical Art Museum when the sky grew dark and threatening.

At the same time there was a lovely light at ‘ground level’ and everything was thrown into strong relief.

I knew I wanted to take a photo that framed the Square with the bushes, with the bench in the centre, and I wanted the sky to be big in the photo and to contrast with the whiteness of the ground.

It’s a bonus that the two dimensional image highlights how oblivious the people on the bench seem to be to the heroics of Kaizer Franz I.

The next photo maybe show how the people (no idea who they are) stand out in strong relief from the background.

The dark buildings are the temporary homes of the Austrian parliaments while the classical building that is their usual home is being renovated.

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