The Salzach River at Salzburg

the River Salzach at Salzburg - early evening

I took this photo in the early evening a few days ago in Salzburg in Austria. I shot it with my iPhone 6. I took it from the bridge across the River Salzach, a bridge that is weighed down with thousands of love locks.

Love locks are those little padlocks that become love locks by being fastened by lovers to a public structure and left there. I have lost count of the numbers of places I have seen them, but never so many as here.

From a distance the bridge looks a warm bronze colour, and it’s the reflection off thousands of locks fastened by lovers to the uprights on the bridge.

Being a practical person, my first thought was that the bridge might be in danger of collapse with the weight of that additional metal. Maybe it is. I wonder though why I didn’t take a photo of the locks on the bridge. Why didn’t I do that? What was going through my mind that decided it wasn’t a worthy subject? I amaze myself.


    1. And lovely being there with you. (Cue the sound of a lock clicking shut on the bridge).

      Haha, I bet you would have suggested that I photograph them if I had mentioned photography and the locks in the same breath.

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