Small Websites

Reb from WriteMeow commented that

When I first got internet at home, 1997, I got perhaps 10MB from the carrier to build a website! This included a long and incredibly complicated URL with several slashes and a ~ tilde.

It reminded me that that I wanted to share a couple of ways to make small sites that I recently came across.

Example 1. Small

Carrd (note two ‘r’s in the name) is offering ‘Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.’

Here’s one I made earlier: Moi

Example 2. So Small It Exists Inside Its Own URL

Nicholas Jitkoff, the vice president of design at Dropbox, and a former Google designer has made itty bitty. It takes html (or other data), compresses it into a URL fragment, and spits out a link that can be shared. When the link is opened, it inflates that data on the receiver’s side.

The clever bit is that the site is not hosted anywhere: It is contained within its own URL.

Here’s one I made earlier (with a link to itty.bitty)

Have fun!

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