Can I Use The WordPress App Offline

Can I use the WordPress app offline? Well, I can type, and I see that the autosave feature is telling me that ‘Saving of draft failed’ Strange language: I would expect something like ‘Draft failed to save.’

So… what happens when I go back online? Wil it post this when I hit publish, or will it lose the text?


  1. Very good and useful


  2. And so… What happened? Is this indeed what you typed?


    1. Yes, it is. That’s what I wrote offline. So it works. You can work offline and then publish when you have an Internet connection again.

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  3. reb says:

    I have installed it now, and typing this comment from the app.


    1. And it works 🙂


  4. Mara Eastern says:

    Oh I see, so that’s what the app is good for! I installed it some time ago and uninstalled it right away because I didn’t get what the point was. I’m normally always online, so it has no use for me.


    1. I think that’s true for such a big proportion of users that I wonder why WordPress went to the trouble of making it. It’s different on my phone where I like to use the app.


      1. Mara Eastern says:

        True. The mobile app makes sense and is great; the desktop app is puzzling.


        1. Yes, which begs the question of why they keep promoting it?


        2. Mara Eastern says:

          Who knows? Maybe it’s like Google+, an idea that went wrong but no one wanted to admit it…


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