Create A Dropdown Menu Of WordPress Categories

I just read an article on WPTavern about how to create a dropdown mention of categories without using code. The article is aimed at self-hosted WordPress sites, but I wondered whether the same technique would work on a site.

I couldn’t see why not, so I tried it and it works – as you can see in the menu bar where I now have a dropdown list of the categories under which I have posted blog posts.

Actually, it is not all of the categories: I decided to leave a couple of them out – which I mention to show how flexible the creation of the menu is.

It’s very easy to do, and just in case the original article disappears at some point, I am going to put a quick rundown here, but the article is on WPTavern (a very good site, by the way), at:

How To Create A Dropdown Menu Of WordPress Categories Without Using Code

So, how to do it.
Go to Appearance/Menus. On the Pages menu on the left you will see one called Custom Links. Choose that.

You will see the menu asks you for a link, http://....

Instead of a link, just put a hash mark # and call the menu ‘Categories’ (or anything you want, really).

Now look at the actual Categories list, which are also on the left side of the page. Choose the categories you want and add them to the Custom Links menu.

Now move the categories across a notch, so that they are children of the # Categories menu item.

Rearrange them, alphabetically or however you want them (I put mine alphabetically, as you can see when you hover over the menu.)

Save it and you’re done.


  1. reb says:

    For once … something I already knew 😀


    1. Good to hear from you 🙂


      1. reb says:

        Good to see you’re back. I read the other blog.


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