Month: May 2018

Plant Trees

I find myself using certain fonts almost to exhaustion and then moving on. My current favourite is Veneer from Yellow Design Studio, available on My Fonts. Here I used it in the background. I put the trees on different layers and scaled them to different sizes and changed the colour of a couple of them, then put the text behind. The trees are ones I adapted from one of the greeting cards we made here.

The Worst of GDPR – and A Way Out Of The Woods

From a reader’s point of view, the worst thing that has come out of GDPR rules is that people are no longer sure whether they are still signed up to the sites, newsletters, emails etc. that they want to be signed up to. If they had only received a handful of GDPR emails, they would have gone through them and clicked on the ones that asked for a click to confirm they could still count on their readers. If they had received many emails, but they had all been consistent and they had all asked for a re-consent – or none had asked for a re-consent – then people would have known where they stood (though they would have wondered why they got the ‘we don’t need your re-consent’ emails at all). But when there have been many emails and inconsistent statements – some ask for consent and some say they don’t need to request re-consent but they are sending an email anyway – people are just deleting the emails en masse and letting the …