Month: April 2018

No More Plastic In Clipper Teas Teabags By The Summer

I am a teacionado (I just made up that word) of Clipper teas for the taste and because they are a Fairtrade company. I pulled apart a Clipper Teas teabag a few months ago and lit a match to it to see whether I could smell the characteristic smell of burning plastic. No smell. Nothing. So I thought Clipper teabags were already free of plastic. I mentioned it in a reply to Clipper on Twitter and they said they were working on it but they still used plastic. So I was wrong with my test results. Good to see they are working at it, though. Now the Guardian reports: The UK’s longest-established Fairtrade tea brand has become the latest to ditch synthetic sealants in its teabags, amid mounting consumer pressure on manufacturers to help cut down on plastic pollution. Clipper Teas – which champions the unbleached teabag – hopes to introduce a new, fully biodegradable bag free of polypropylene, a sealant used across the industry to ensure bags hold their shape, by the summer. Adele …

tree in blossom in Cambridge

April In Cambridge

Down by the river Cam, the wind was whistling through the trees, newly green with fresh leaves. The river does a loop around the city and then just a few yards down from the bridge, there is this tree. I am posting this to see how this theme treats featured images. Here goes. And now I know.  When the image is set as a featured image, it shows in the excerpt, and therefore on the home page of the site.

Don’t go over the Brexit cliff, Cliff

The worrying scenario grows closer. It’s Cliff Brexit, careening off the white cliffs of Dover on his way to destroy his own country by the act of his suicide. I shout out to him: Don’t go over the Brexit cliff, Cliff! But he is not listening. He has a job and a plan and he’s going to get there come hell or high water. How far down is it to the bottom of the cliffs? He hasn’t got a chance. But he’s single minded.