Grove Of Trees

Grove of trees in shade

I spy with my little eye… a grove of trees in Jerusalem.

I just got back from Jerusalem and will post some photos here. This is a photo of a grove of trees down the street from the King David Hotel, near the French Consulate.

I shot it on my phone and ran the photo through Prisma, an iOS app, and then tweaked it in Photoshop to create this impressionistic view of the trees.


  1. Joan E. Miller says:

    This is really lovely, David! What an eye you have.


    1. Thank you. 😊


  2. Funny, back when the Olympics were running, they often showed the trees in area of the alpine events and I was thinking that they could just as easily be those growing right here in Canada… The same could be said for your “Israeli Pines”. Nature is wonderful (and knows no boundaries: )


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