Month: February 2018

The Future of Attribution In The Digital World?

This morning, Automattic Inc., announced that Kinsey Wilson would become president of its flagship commercial venture, the publishing platform. Poynter magazine interviewed Kinsey Wilson and Matt Mullenweg, and in that interview the following was posed: Question: Dicker also mentioned a partnership with WordPress and his blockchain tech company. Will you be working on those fronts, establishing ties and workability with blockchain platforms that have sprung up with cryptocurrencies? Reply: It’s an exciting space and one we’re watching closely. It’s premature to say whether there are partnership opportunities, but I’m sure we’ll be talking. And here is Jarrod Dicker, explaining his blockchain company, is an open-source blockchain Ledger to classify, identify, and monitor content throughout its entire life cycle The blurb on his site says: Own Your Content: Using, you can generate immutable and timestamped titles for your creative works and register your assets to the network. Because the network is decentralized and secured by the blockchain, the metadata attribution remains safe, verifiable and immutable. I get it. Every piece of …

Sheep and Snowdrops

Light is everything in photography – that and a subject you want to photograph. The weather has been weathery, full of weather. It doesn’t encourage me to want to photograph. Boo. So in lieu of light, I scrubbed the grass from the sheepy photo and upped some of the post-settings in Photoshop to make the ewe more impressionistic. The snowdrops are here because there were a lot of them – snowdrops to the left of me, snowdrops to the right.

How Many Blogs Have You Started: How Many Have I Started

How many blogs have you started? How many have you got on the go at the moment? And when I say ‘on the go’ I mean in the loosest sense. Maybe you haven’t updated it in a while (months and months). But it is still yours. I have one blog that is on a sub-domain of a service that offered a free lifetime WordPress blog in the hope that some customers would upgrade to a paid-for site on their own domain. I only remember I have the blog when I get alerts to upgrade plugins. Other than that, it sits lonely and semi-abandoned. I wonder how many semi-abandoned blogs there are in the universe? Do you use an RSS reader? They are a pretty good way of finding out what has been abandoned. You may know how it goes. You follow a whole lot of blogs that are on your chosen interest and you read the feeds. Then you forget to do that for a while. When you go back there is a little number …