Bullring, Ronda, Spain

matador's jacket

This is a matador’s jacket from the museum at the bullring at Ronda in Spain. And here are two shots of the ring itself. All shots taken with iPhone 6. I ran the photo of the jacket through the Prisma app and then tweaked it a bit in Photoshop before uploading here.

I took the panoramic photo of the bullring using the Pano option within the iPhone camera. It really is quite amazing how much detail the tiny lens can capture. And although there is some banding in the sky of the panoramic shot, it’s pretty well controlled considering the range of brightness across the scene.


bullring in Ronda, Spain


  1. Tamara says:

    Great shot capturing the sweeping hugeness (as we both observed that day) of that bullring, David.


  2. LOVE that vivid blue with yellows of blinding sun & deepest shadow: )


    1. From a bullfighting point of view, the glare of the sun would be a big factor – which way to stand so that the bull had the sun in its eyes. I wonder whether bulls tried to manoeuvre themselves so that the matador faced the sun?

      Sadly (maybe a strange thing to say) only one matador has ever been killed in that ring, whereas thousands upon thousands of bulls have died in this, the oldest ring in Spain.


      1. Yes, well I’d really rather prefer to think of the colour and architecture here, rather than its purpose…


  3. Great pictures! Prisma is a good app that I’d forgotten about …


    1. Yes, it’s hit and miss – I like that it works quickly, so if the result isn’t something that appeals, start again 🙂

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