Testing the New WordPress Mobile App Media Picker

Did you see the article A New Media Picker for the iOS WordPress App by Matt Bumgardner, a mobile developer at Automattic who works on the iOS and Android versions of WordPress? The article explains that: The new media picker was designed to allow quicker access to your media right from the new Aztec editor.Continue reading “Testing the New WordPress Mobile App Media Picker”

Swans Taking Off From The River Cam In Cambridge

Click the image for a larger version. This is a crop of the full image. I heard the flap of wings hitting the water. A quick look left and right, scanning the road for cyclists – a rush across the road to the river and snap, snap, snap, in the viewfinder. How quickly they spedContinue reading “Swans Taking Off From The River Cam In Cambridge”

Cormorant In A Tree By The River Cam In Cambridge

The camera I had with me today is a fixed lens camera with a 35mm-equivalent lens. Therefore I was not going to get a close-up shot. It is definitely a cormorant (or a shag, but I think it is a cormorant) – and I have never seen one perched this high above ground – henceContinue reading “Cormorant In A Tree By The River Cam In Cambridge”